Fairytale landscapes, immense choice of outdoor activities, traditional concepts, design aesthetics

It is not just a matter of the unique landscape in which it is located. Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel and Spa promotes and respects an ecological philosophy as the first and only “green” hotel in the region of Epirus that has been awarded with the International Green Key eco label from the Foundation of Environmental Education.

Staying at Mikro Papigo 1700 Hotel & Spa does not only involve ways of becoming a part of the surrounding nature but moreover it is a travel experience to a beautiful place that combines traditional architectural features like black stone, wood and earthy colors with highly stylish designer details with the signature of the greatest international interior designers, deco firms and architects, such as Philippe Starck, Castiglioni, Citterio, Urquiola, Le Corbusier, Moooi, B&B Italia, Bisazza and -last but not least- Zaha Hadid.

All in all, Mikro Papigo seems to be in an open relationship with heaven. Who could resist a comeback?