Literally hanging off the impressive cliffs of Santorini’s Caldera, it resembles to a heavenly place all dressed in white

Your Suite here will become your newly acquired “treasure”. You will be absolutely delighted with the minimal styling and the way it harmoniously ties with the Cycladic tradition. Spoil yourselves with no end from all it has to offer for your benefit and pleasure. Most of the suites present their private swimming pool or jacuzzi giving you ample possibilities to live your most romantic fairytale yet.     



Studios have a key location within the hotel as they are very close to the swimming pool, without missing out on the privacy and the tranquillity that are so important when we are on vacation. In two of the studios the bedroom is in a separate loft space whereas in the rest of the studios the ultra large bed is in an open plan layout together with the living room space. They are equipped with large fitted sofas and a kitchenette with white being the dominant colour and colourful touches appearing in fabrics and in the bathroom area. Highly preferred for their full view to the volcano, the Aegean sea and the sunsets.

(approximately 20-25 sq. meters) (Total number: 3)




Junior Suites

Their key location resembles to that of the studios and you will feel that you have the privacy that you were seeking without being isolated. White colour rules here too apart from the pure linen fabrics that portray the fitted beds and sofas. Again, the views will remain as unobstructed as ever. For a separate bedroom area, select the Junior Suites with a loft space.

(approximately 30-40 sq. meters) (Total number: 6)

Senior Suites

Their location in the upper level of the complex will offer added privacy and even better views. White color in abundance will convey you to a world of pure serenity and the colorful bathroom tiled with rare Italian materials will catch your eye. Peace of mind is inevitable while you will be relaxing with dimmed lights on your ultra sized bed with special COCO MAT mattresses and pillows comforting your body.  

(approximately 45-60 sq. meters) (Total number: 4)

Superior Suites

If you are looking for total privacy and isolation then select an Astra superior suite. They are located in various levels of the hotel and designated to provide you with high quality services. Your full view to the volcano, the Aegean sea and the sunsets is a guarantee. Among its benefits, the spacious living room area decorated with paintings by local artists, the separate bedroom with an ultra large bed, the bathroom with a power shower, the entertainment devices and the fully equipped kitchenette. Beware...the spacious private balcony may sow the seeds of permanent “migration” in your minds... 

(approximately 60-80 sq. meters) (Total number: 4)

Family Suite

If your reason for travelling all the way to Santorini is to have an unforgettable family vacation, then you will soon discover that you have made the right choice by booking the Family suite at Astra Suites. Here, families are welcomed and there are designated rooms to make your stay at the Caldera unforgettable for your children and yourselves. Very spacious with a large communal living room, two separate bedrooms, a complete set of entertainment devices and a massive balcony. A dream family vacation is on the way!   

(approximately 60 sq. meters) (Total number: 2)

* Designated for a family. Not advised for two couples.


Honeymoon Jacuzzi Suite

Luxury is the key word here and you will witness it in abundance right from the start. Oak furniture in white, rare Italian tiling in bright colours and carefully selected fabrics convey an abstract contemporary minimal styling that ties harmoniously with the simplicity of the Cycladic traditional design. The spacious living room is decorated with branded art pieces by local artists and at an open plan layout with the bedroom. The Honeymoon jacuzzi suite contains an impressive bathroom area with a shower as well as a wardrobe. In its definite pluses, the entertainment devices and the fully equipped kitchenette. In its unforgettable highlights...the huge private balcony with an open air Jacuzzi that will sooth your senses and spoil you by giving you what you deserve…only the best! Last but not least, we have to mention the superb views of the surrounding landscape and the fact that...only God will know you are there...

(approximately 80 sq. meters) (Total number: 2) 

Pool Suites

Make a wish by setting the highest expectations and you will not be disappointed. Luxury at its peak and formidable comforts and amenities at your disposal. Soft cotton and linen fabrics will satisfy your senses as you relax at the “seductive” pleasures of your fitted ultra sized bed and the sofas. Let the breeze of the Aegean Sea, the warm rays of the sun and the supreme views of the Caldera emit their positive aura and make the best out of nature's vitality. You will discover that you only have to make an appearance at Reception at your check in. It will not be a “sin’ if you don’t want to part from your private heaven at all for the rest of your stay...because who wouldn't want the constant benefits of a private balcony with a swimming pool and breathtaking views of paradise on Earth?

(approximately 80 sq. meters) (Total number: 4)


Astra Private Villa

Astra Private villas are located at about 3 km from the hotel's main building and constitute a secluded paradise set on the edge of the Caldera rock between the areas of Imerovigli and Oia. Their key location will present you with the peace and quiet you are seeking for an unforgettable vacation away from "civilization" but at the same time at an ideal distance from a variety of options that will enrich your social life when you choose to do so.

If it is in your nature to get the best out of everything you do, then the Villa option will meet your needs and fulfil your wishes. Impressed by its minimal yet creative design you will find it ideal for a romantic escape for two. Every villa has 3 separate bedrooms, an outside swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. Tip: Astra Private Villas also constitute a great scenery for a party or a social gathering of any sort.